Toulouse Lautrec @ Deanes Irish Pub & Grill

Deane’s te asteapta pe 20 ianuarie, la un concert extraordinar Les Toulouse Lautrec!!!
Preț bilet : 40 lei
Comision procesare tranzacție: 3 lei
TOTAL: 43 lei

Les Toulouse Lautrec, they come from aristocratic families. They grew up on large grass fields in front of the Castle, with the hunting horns sound in their ears and the smell of rosy cheek Countess perfumes in their nostrils. They were endowed with the qualities for an academic career, but life has thrown them in the dirtiest layers of society, founding their way into the middle of bohemian rebel. They are often spotted in night clubs, obsessed with women, absinthe and opium, spitting on microphones and gesturing on the strings. Drunken with success, they crash the drumskins and look under the ladies’ skirts.

Finding themselves at ease with lyrics in English, French & Romanian, all of their singles stormed the indie charts, with quite a few making it to the no.1 spot (“Te Spun”, “Yesman”, “Domino”) and leading to a real cult following, due partially to a series of inspired black&white videos.

They played popular festivals (B’estfest, Felsziget Peninsula, Ursus Experience, Liveland, Untold, Shine, In Tran- sylvania, Fete de la Musique, FishEye Fest, Street Delivery, Vienna Waves in Austria, Snowfest in France, Sun- Day Fest – Rep. Moldova) and became everyone’s darlings at the film (Shorts Up, Future Shorts, European Film Festival) or literature festivals (Budapest – Hungary, Krakow – Poland), Ingolstadt (DE) – Danube Festival.

During the Ford B-Max launch flash mob (2012) they popped up playing in the car and the Iron Man 3 movie pre- miere (2013) was accompanied by a short Toulouse set, as well as a Vodafone product launch (2013). Occasionally they played in the woods, opera houses, art galleries, in an ambulance or atop of a firemen car! Apart from various radio sessions & TV shows – unplugged or not – Toulouse Lautrec featured in MTV’s famous Unplugged series in April 2013.

Debut album “HEROES” (produced by Adam Whittaker, whose previous work includes The Doves and Amy Winehouse) came out in October 2011: Sixteen tales of alternate reality Romanian French Impressionist indie rock and roll for your ears, and unlimited weirdness.

Toulouse Lautrec’s HEROES is one of the first great records from the Romanian new wave to emerge, another set of preconceptions thrown out the window in a flurry of unique imagery and a slap you in the face, stripped down, lo-fi sound.
Toulouse are at once fresh, vital and essential for the indie renegade hero with a clue.” Follow-up album EXTRAORDINAR was awarded “Best Album of the Year” in 2013, spawning another string of hits: “Irrational”, “Nopti Albe”, “Extraordinar”. With an enhanced line-up: Apartman (chant & guitarre), Jimi (guitarre), Emu (basse) & Greenman (batterie) the band released its’ third album (Dejun pe iarba) in October 2015, going heavy on social issues on the first two singles “Nu se termina asa” & “Aur”. “I Come From A Star” premiered worldwide on Balcony TV.
“DEJUN PE IARBA” is their latest album. 2015.